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"let food be thy medicine or medicine will become thy food"

Here at DocereND, restoring health and wellness, preventing disease and illness is Dr. Corbin's main focus. She utilizes the fact that nature has already laid out the ability for the body to heal itself and understands the importance of individualized approaches. Approaches that are as unique as each patient that walks through the door. By using a set of core principles that focuses on uncovering the condition of cellular health first, putting back in place the building blocks of health, removing the underlining roots causes and relying on the patient to do his or her part, Dr. Corbin has been able to help many achieve, improve and sustain renewed overall health and wellness. So, if you're ready to start digging into your health and wellness issues, for a change and to embark upon the many benefits of nutritional and alternative approaches, schedule your appointment today by visiting our appointment scheduling page.

Don't delay! Disease and chronic health issues are unforgiving of waiting to get help and of poor choices!
To Living Happier and Healthier!
"For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same affect" - Pfeiffer's Law

Disclaimer: Texas does not license naturopathic doctors nor regulates the practice of naturopathic medicine and all that it encompasses. Dr. Corbin, N.M.D, R.M.P is not a Texas licensed medical physician therefore, herself and other naturopathic doctors practicing naturopathic and alternative medicines in the State of Texas and whose naturopathic license is registered with a Naturopathic, Alternative, Healing Arts Medical Board(s) from another state, country or province and are considered primary care physicians in those states, countries or provinces, at this time, cannot act as a primary care physician in Texas, prescribe prescription pharmaceuticals, perform surgeries, diagnose disease, nor do they have hospital privileges.  Dr. Corbin, N.M.D, R.M.P naturopathic/alternative medical practitioner's license is registered with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine in Kolkata, India. While practicing in India, Dr. Corbin N.M.D, R.M.P practices without restriction all aspects of naturopathic/natural medical care. While practicing in Texas Dr. Corbin, N.M.D, R.M.P acts as a Naturopathic consultant, adjunctive, alternative, holistic and nutrient care practitioner.  All information provided on this site, including but not limited to information relating to specific medical conditions, allopathic and or naturopathic health care and treatment options, nutrient treatment options, preventive care, natural pharmaceuticals, disease prevention, supplementation and healthy lifestyles, is presented for general informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your licensed primary care physician. Docere ND and Dr Corbin, N.M.D, R.M.P assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this site and is not to be relied upon as your sole source of health care information.

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